Electronics in General

  • LED information displays;
  • Access control systems;
  • Conventional and LED electronic systems;
  • Domotics, automation and control, telemetry and telematics;
  • Environmental control system: distribution and commercialization of fuel;
  • Production of automatic payment terminals (POS);
  • Audio, video and home-cinema systems.

Transportation Industry

  • Electronic traffic information systems;
  • Components for operation control systems:
    • Automatic ticket vending
    • Passenger counting system 
    • Information sent to the station
    • Stoplight control system (priorities given to the vehicles)
    • GPS System;
  • Fleet control system;
  • Relays for cars.


  • Transmission/multiplexing of digital fiber-optic and copper pairs;
  • FTTx equipments;
  • M2M equipments (IoT);
  • Analysis and quality management systems for telecommunication lines;
  • Digital terrestrial television.


  • Repair of STB IPTV and satellite;
  • Diagnosis and repackaging of ONT’s (Optical Network Terminal);
  • Diagnosis/Repair of public telephone booths.